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Bring your existing website to life with an award-winning desktop and mobile UX design so your team can book reservations without ever lifting a finger.


E-Commerce Storefront

Bring your existing website to life with an award-winning desktop and mobile UX design so your team can book reservations without ever lifting a finger.

Inventory Management

Whether 1 SKU, or 100,000, manage and update inventory for every item you carry, at every location you operate at the click of a button.

Same-Day Delivery

For those last minute and urgent needs, our same-day courier transportation integration gives you same-day delivery for up to 100 miles across the US.

Invoice + Payment Management

With embedded payment processing, you can give your CC or payment term customers a streamlined experience from reservation to accounts receivable.

Order Management

Once orders are placed, items can be easily added, dropped or even discounted. And with their own account portal, your customers can check in at their leisure.

Quote Automation

Instead of building custom quotes from scratch, customers can communicate their quote needs in seconds. So all you have to do is price it, send it, and book it.

Gear List Building

Empower customers to bookmark, share and collaborate with your gear, building equipment lists that turn into quotes or full orders.

Kit + Bundle Support

Never worry again about double booking. Virtual bundles on BoxedUp adjust individual inventory availability on the fly as parent kits are reserved.

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How It Works

RMS Integration

Fully integrating your new Storefront experience with your existing RMS allows you to seamlessly manage equipment reservations online while maintaining accurate inventory availability for in-person rentals and any other channel you manage. As your reservation volume increases, watching order information instantly flow back into the system your organization is already familiar with will give you greater peace of mind to manage your growth.

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Catalog Database

The worst part of adapting to any new online quoting and reservation system is the time and working hours required to build item pages for each of your products. At BoxedUp, we've built an expansive catalog with more than 8,500 items, available for you to instantly add to your inventory. With pictures, videos, descriptions, manufacturer part numbers and specifications for items already embedded within our system, onboarding and setup is a breeze.

Catalog Database Image

Insurance Validation

Reducing the risk for loss, damaged and stolen products is a critical component to any equipment rental business. To support, we've helped to automate the Certificate of Insurance validation step, partnering with New York based insurance broker, AON Insurance to guarantee that any insurance document provided contains policies that are up to date, valid, and most importantly, meet the coverage requirements you define.

Insurance Validation Image

Email Automation

Remembering to call and email clients invoice payment reminders, order updates, or even tracking information can be a pain. With our email and messaging automation, these tedious tasks are done on your behalf. As reservations are received and as orders transition from prep, to pick up, to transit, our systems automatically update both you and the customer with timely alerts and notifications. Once the job wraps, invoice payment reminders are automatically issued based on the terms you define.

Email Automation Image

Warehouse Management

Manage inventory at multiple locations? No problem. Our system was engineered from day one to support the scale of inventory warehousing, or the scrappy entrepreneur with a single location. As your facilities grow, BoxedUp automatically aggregates availability by SKU, location and eventually serial number, so you instantly know the location and availability of each product you own.

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