Canon, V35 85mm, T1.3 (ft, PL Mount)

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Product Description

The Canon V35 Project takes modern Canon CN-E lenses and retunes them to have a more vintage cinematic look. Inspired by Canon’s legendary K35 lenses, Northwest Camera Co and Duclos Lenses are working together to create this new option for those who want lenses that stand apart from the rest.

There are many advantages to modern cinema lenses. Mainly, they are cleaner and clearer, and with computerized production techniques, there are very few variations between “copies”. The lensmen of yesteryear couldn’t always trust that two identical lenses produced by the same factory would yield identical results.

Although modern lens designs solve a lot of these past issues, they’ve lost a lot of their character, and what made them unique. Digital image sensors have also stripped away the organic look of film and replaced it with a far more clinical image.

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