Atlas, Orion 2x Anamorphic 65mm, T2 (PL)

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Product Description

Designed by cinematographers for cinematographers, the Orion 65mm T2 2x Anamorphic Prime Lens from Atlas Lens Co. produces a vintage anamorphic look for Super35-sensor cine-style cameras. The 65mm creates a wide-angle field of view with the shallow dept of field found in a telephoto prime. To maximize compatibility, this PL-mount lens can be switched to a Canon EF mount using a separately available Atlas adapter. Anamorphic lens characteristics include "waterfall" bokeh, streak effects, and a spherical aberration glow when used wide open.

This mechanically dependable prime lens features a design standardized across the series with unified focus and iris gear positions and a common 114mm front diameter that make lens swaps easier when using cine-style matte boxes and FIZ systems. The Orion 65mm prime comes with focus marks in feet but can be switched by the used to meters using a separately available focus scale.

Product Specifications

  • Model

    2x Anamorphic

  • Mount

    PL Mount

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