DJI RS 2 Gimbal Stabilizer Pro

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    Providing professional and well maintained gear for over 18 years. As a professional rental house, we have back ups for nearly every item listed. We pair excellent customer service with experienced techs in camera, lighting, grip, and audio. We are a one stop shop, carrying everything from camera, grip, lighting, and audio. Give us a call for more information regarding gear, or any production needs! Open M-F 9am-5pm | Weekend appointments/ pick ups may also be arranged in advance If you need something you don't see listed on our Sharegrid page, reach out. We are always updating our inventory and not everything is listed on Sharegrid (yet) Custom listings are available upon request! Rental pick ups are usually done after 11am unless agreed upon in advance and returns are due back before noon on return date. *Note: that on items worth more than $500 I require damage and theft insurance and rentals are due back before noon on return day* Address: 2121 Kenmere ave. Burbank ca 91504

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