IOdyne, 24TB ProData Shared NVMe RAID

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Product Description

24TB Iodyne ProData MiniSAN NVMe RAID 

- Connect 4x Workstations for multi-user configurations (DIT +3 Editors) at a time. 

- 8x TB3 Ports (Upstream/Downstream)
- Aluminum Construction
- Low Profile Design 
- Includes Custom Case 
-Transactional RAID-6 and RAID-0
-Data Checksums and Self-Healing
-XTS-AES-256 Encryption with Hardware Secure Enclave
-NVMe Thunderbolt Multipathing up to 4× paths 
-Multi-User connectivity for up to 4× computers
-Storage Handoff between connected macOS computers 
-Dynamic Containers with up to 15 containers per device
-RAID Levels per-Container with adaptive striping and parity
-Automatic SSD Fault Management and RAID Resilvering 
-Designed for easy Self-Repair of SSD modules

Product Specifications

  • Model

    Storm Case

  • Weight (lb)


  • Manufacturer


  • Storage Type

    NVMe SSD

  • Operating System

    MacOSX 10.14+

  • Software Included

    Iodyne client for MacOSX

  • Power Supply Input


  • Total Storage Capacity


  • Solid State Drive Capacity


Included Items

  • 1M Thunderbolt Pro Cables
  • 2M Thunderbolt 4 Pro Cables
  • 3M Thunderbolt4 Pro Cables
  • AC Power Supply
  • Upright Stand

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