OConnor, CFF-1 Cine Follow Focus system

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Product Description

Providing a complete follow focus unit with accessories and a protective hard case, the OConnor CFF-1 Cine Follow Focus Pro Kit includes a Cine One Follow focus for both studio 15mm and 19mm rod setups, with an LWS 15mm rod bridge for using the included CFF-1 on handheld rigs. The unit is reversible, so you can mount it on either side of the lens, and it slides horizontally to adjust for lens diameter.

  • Clamps easily onto either 15mm or 19mm studio rod systems
  • Switches efficiently between the 2 standards
  • Low clearance - helps it to work with large diameter lenses such as the Angenieux 24-290mm, Red 18-85mm, Fujinon 18-85mm, and Fujinon 75-400mm
  • Compatible with accessories like whips, gears, and cranks
  • Offers numerous mounting options for specialty setups as the main bridge slides independent of the support bridge dovetail
  • Mounts swing arm on either side of bridge for better integration with all lens and matte box configurations
  • Horizontal sliding adjustment - easily adjusts the focus drive gear for a clear line of sight
  • Allows flexible positioning with the help of eccentric adjustments on handwheels
  • Minimal Backlash Mechanism - custom-cut, low-runout gears ensure high accuracy
  • Constructed of lightweight, durable black anodized aluminum

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